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Start your morning with Bravery

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Join Matthew Dark & Co-host Schumé "Don't Tread On Mae" Navarro for an hour you don't want to miss! The go-to show for everything COVID, politics and TRUTH The Matthew Dark Show IS a light shining in the darkness.


If you missed the broadcast you can catch the podcast here.

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Show Sponsors

Show Sponsors

The Matthew Dark Show is committed to promoting local organizations that are protecting life, health freedom and family. Start your morning with bravery and visit our show sponsors for all your health needs!


Roots Medical uses a combination of medical approaches utilizing holistic and traditional care. We truly believe in personalized health care as each patient that walks through our doors has a unique set of circumstances. We identify lifestyle, diet, hormone deficiency and vitamin intake and then devise a plan based on those findings.  Contact us to learn more about our medical treatments in Centennial, CO.

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Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom is a non-profit network of physicians and healthcare providers that exist to support medical freedom and patient choice. We stand for patient rights, the doctor-patient relationship, individualized patient care, informed consent, and medical privacy. We are committed to serving our patients with integrity and compassion and will advocate for the best care available.


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